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Here to help with all your home & office organization needs. Serving Raleigh/Wake County and the surrounding Triangle areas.

What We Do

Experienced and Creative


Kit & Caboodle is an affordable and professional home and office organization company based in Raleigh, NC.  

Help at Home


  • Downsize, De-clutter and Purge
  • Organize/Clean out Closets, Kitchens, Basements, Home Offices, and Garages
  • Assist with Resale or Donation of Unwanted Items (art, furnishings, collectibles, antiques, clothes, etc)
  • Home Decor and Staging
  • Packing / Unpacking for a Move
  • Party Planning
  • Holiday Decorating and Planning
  • And...SO MUCH MORE!!! 

Help at the Office


  • Set Up a New Office
  • Organize space for better work flow
  • De-clutter and Purge
  • Plan Holiday Parties and Employee Retreats
  • Conference and Meeting Support 

About Us

Jane Williams Meyer


Jane is a North Carolina native growing up in Sanford and Chapel Hill. She has been living in Raleigh since 1988.  She graduated from Peace College with an AA in Liberal Arts, attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Meredith College where she graduated with degrees in Speech Communication and Sociology.

Her professional experience began in retail management. Jane then moved to non-profit management (NC centric and international) where she stayed for 20+ years with organizations including North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, Leadership North Carolina, and Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now). Her professional skills include fundraising, special event and meeting management, Alumni relations, Board recruitment, and operations. Along the way she enhanced her skills in the area of interior design and personal organization. Her strong attention to detail and commitment to a successful outcome have helped her move forward in her career.

In the summer of 2016 Jane took a leap of faith, left the non-profit world and began working with a childhood friend who had started her own organization company in Chapel Hill. Now ready to expand these services to Raleigh/Wake County and surrounding areas, Jane has created Kit & Caboodle, LLC.

Jane and her husband, Dave, an environmental consultant, live in Raleigh with their four-legged children, Sissy and Roscoe.

Her can do spirit, dedication to excellence, and eagerness to serve ensure that she is the whole kit & caboodle!

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"I met Jane Williams Meyer when she came to help with closet organizing. Her work is exceptional. We worked side by side for a couple of hours. From there she separated and organized in a way that is still working. She took clothes to be donated and all was perfect. We will definitely use again."

Molly K. ~ Raleigh 

“We’re very grateful to Jane for her role in our company’s success. She is well-known and well-respected around the state, and we know we can trust her to represent us effectively and professionally in all aspects of our event management business. Best of all, she makes the process engaging and fun.”

Lawrence Bivins and Liz Dobbins-Smith

L2 Event and Association Partners LLC

Raleigh, NC


"Jane and I go back many decades to our days in Junior High School. It’s my absolute honor and pleasure to recommend Jane Williams Meyer and Kit & Caboodle, LLC for all your needs. 

My mother's unexpected death left my brother and I with almost a century of our family's trinkets, treasures, paperwork, books, furniture, etc to sort.  A daunting time consuming task to attempt while in shock, grieving and living out of state.

One phone call to Jane provided my brother and I with the direction and guidance we so desperately needed.  Jane had a plan of action, freed her schedule, brought over dinner, held my hands, and provided a shoulder to cry on.  With Jane's assistance, every pocket, every page in every book, every container and cabinet was inspected and emptied.  All important paperwork, photos, certificates and sentimental keepsakes were found and saved.  Jane packed these important items in my suitcases and sent me back home to my family in Denver.  Jane then dedicated her time and energy to clearing out the rest of my mother’s home.  She invited antique dealers to purchase what they wanted and what was left she listed online, donated and/or disposed of.  Her team even emptied, demolished and cleared an old storage shed in the back yard! The house was cleared promptly and readied for rental.

Jane is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working.  I was so touched when she took the time to save and mail me my mom’s 6 postage stamps found in papers I had left  behind.  My family could have never have gotten so much accomplished without her in such a time of shock and need. Kit & Caboodle, LLC has my highest of recommendations!"

Betsy C. ~ Denver, CO

 "Jane Meyer is GREAT.  She first helped me three years ago when I was having my husband’s office staff at my house for a holiday party and I was NOT ready. Even though I called at the last minute, she and a crew blew in and helped organize, de-junk and even decorate for the party in a flash.  She just seemed to know what to do.  She has since helped me with other projects, including organizing and arranging our bookshelves.  When I have a big project, such as cleaning out the basement or garage, I always want Jane to help.  She is practical, organized, fast AND fun to work with!  I am happy to recommend Jane for anything. "

Margaret  H. ~ Chapel Hill, NC

"Jane has assisted me with decorating my home for the past three Christmases, and she has been an absolute lifesaver!  With her help, I have been able to do in a day and a half what usually takes me a whole week.  Her help has been absolutely invaluable!  Jane is professional, hard-working, and shows great attention to detail. What’s more, she has great taste. I have to add that she is the nicest person ever, and I have a blast working with her. I really cannot say enough about Kit & Caboodle. Calling them was the best decision I could have made. It reduces tons of stress for me each year at Christmastime. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"  

Ronnie G. ~ Raleigh, NC

"I had the chance to work with Jane in helping a genteel, older lady prepare her house for downsizing and moving out of state.  Before Jane came on the scene, the client was panicked, overwhelmed and weepy about the daunting task of moving out of the home she had lived in for decades.  One of the first things I noticed was the care and patience Jane demonstrated in guiding the client to make difficult choices about her precious belongings and the memories they represented.  Jane’s strong organizational, packing and selling skills are obvious, but Jane’s ability to help the client preserve her calmness and dignity during a major life transition was what made all the difference!"

Amy M. ~ Chapel Hill

"Jane really saved the day for me when I had to declutter my home of 30 years before putting it on the market. She organized, packed, listed items for sale. Her work saved my stressed out self!"

Karen G. ~ Chapel Hill 

"Moving day went very smoothly with the help of Jane. My kitchen was in place when she left! That never happened on any prior moving day. I then had Jane return to help get the garage in order and items ready to sell and give away. Jane was my “go to” when I needed names of buyers, etc. When Jane left my furniture was where it needed to be. Having a helper certainly relieved the stress of moving day away." 

Rita C. ~ Fearrington Village, NC

"Moving from a 6 bedroom house, filled with sentimental keepsakes, collections, and art.  Also an attic space stuffed to the gills with things saved from the lives of 4 kids, was not an easy task, and definitely would’ve done me in if not for Jane and Mary, of G2G, and their amazing crew, getting us ready for moving day. They also made the move in at the new house manageable, unpacking, organizing, and getting things set so we could get a good nights sleep right away. Truly, working with them created an atmosphere of let’s get this done, let’s make it fun.  They helped with everything: room staging, providing packing supplies, sorting, selling, dumping, taking things to storage, you name it, they did it.  Even counseling - there were a few times I needed to be talked down from the ledge!! Could not have managed without them. Worth every penny. Highest of recommendations."

Barb W . ~ Chapel Hill, NC 

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